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Terms and Conditions

  1. This document describes the terms and conditions that will apply to your purchase. It is quite a long document, but this is because we want to describe in detail what legal rights you have in relation to your purchase. If there is anything in the document that you don’t understand or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details included below.

  2. These general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply when you, as a consumer, place an order via and thereto related pages (the ”Website”). When you place an order on the Website, an agreement is entered into between yourself and Bulldog Stairs. (“Bulldog Stairs", “us” or “we”).

  3. In addition to these Terms, you will find information about how we handle your personal data in our Privacy Policy. You can find the Privacy Policy here.

  4. Our Customer Experience Team is always eager to help and ready to talk to you! You can easily reach us via the chat function on the Website or via Facebook Messenger. You can also reach out to us by mail at

  5. When you make a purchase on the website, you automatically agree to these Terms. In order to make a purchase on the Website, it is necessary that you have the right to enter into agreements according to applicable mandatory law in your country of residence. The latter normally means that you cannot have a legal guardian.

  6. In addition to what is stated above, we may need to deny an order if you have provided inaccurate information to us during the checkout process, when fraud is suspected, or if the order cannot be completed because the product is out of stock.

  7. When you place an order on the Website, we will send your order confirmation per email as soon as possible. When you receive the order confirmation, the agreement between us has been concluded. Please save the order confirmation, as it helps during any further contact with us.

  8. The prices, as stated at the time of order, apply to the purchase, unless we have expressly agreed otherwise, or if the circumstances clearly dictate otherwise.

  9. All prices are presented in local currency.

  10. If the price of a product, or information about a product, was presented incorrectly on the Website and you realized, or should have realized that the product was shown with an incorrect price, the price or information will not apply to the purchase. If you have ordered a product which had the wrong price we will inform you of this. 

  11. If you pay for your purchase with a valid payment card, the applicable amount will be reserved when you make a purchase. This reservation will later be released, and your account will be debited when your order is shipped. Our payment provider helps us handle your payment.

  12. Our aim is to always state the correct information on the Website. However, inaccuracies may occur; e.g. spelling errors, inaccurate product descriptions, errors regarding which products we currently have in stock, or incorrect prices. We reserve the right to correct such errors and images on the Website due to faults.

  13. Any image details on the Website, in ads or in other marketing material shall be considered as illustrations only, and thus not as a specification of the exact appearance of our products, their functions, origins, or as warranty.

  14. The Website and all its content is owned by us, or, when applicable, our licensors. The information on the Website is protected by, among others, intellectual property and marketing legislation laws. This means that you may not copy or use Bulldog Stairs trade names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information on products, services, and other content without our prior written consent.

  15. We may from time to time offer campaigns, discount codes, and special offers for our products (“Offers”). These altered terms and conditions will apply only for the duration stated in relation to such Offers and for as long as the product is in stock. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts if not expressly stated on the Website. Otherwise, these Terms also apply to Offers.

  16. Upon termination or revocation of an Offer, these Terms will apply to the products which previously were subject to an Offer.

  17. According to American consumer protection law, you have the right to withdraw from a contract within 14 days from the day that you, or a person specified by you, have received the product. In addition to this, we provide you, the consumer, with an extra 16 days (30 days in total) to decide if you want to keep the product. This means that you can return a product to us within 30 days of purchase. You will be responsible for return shipping cost.

  18. When you have received the package, you can open the package and review the product to the extent necessary to determine its nature, characteristics, and function. You then have the right to withdraw from the purchase and receive reimbursement according to the sections below. This right is conditional upon you notifying us of such intent within a 30 days’ withdrawal period from the day you received the product. 

  19. Make sure to pack the product carefully and preferably in the original box and/or packaging since you are responsible for the condition of the product from the time of receipt to the time that we receive it back. Inadequate packaging may jeopardize our ability to receive the package as a return.

  20. We fully reimburse you for any product if you decide to withdraw your purchase. However, we reserve the right to deduct a sum by which the value of the product has been reduced if you have used the product more than necessary to establish its nature, characteristics, and function. Such deduction is made according to the value of the product upon return compared to the original value.

  21. We will reimburse you as soon as possible and always work hard to make sure you get your refund quickly! You will receive your reimbursement as soon as we have processed your return. Please note that your refund may take up to 14 days to reach your account from this date. However, we will not reimburse you until we have received the product, or you have showed that the product has been returned. Reimbursement will be made to you by the same payment method as you chose during the checkout process, unless there is any hindrance to such reimbursement or unless otherwise agreed.

  22. If you have concluded a separate agreement regarding payment with our payment provider, they will handle the reimbursement.

  23. If there is something wrong with your product, you can lodge a complaint regarding a product defect according to the mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations active in the country in which you reside. You have the right to make a complaint for up to three years from the day you received the product.

  24. In order to file an efficient complaint, we recommend that you contact our Customer Experience Team. They will be glad to help. You can contact them at, via our chat on the Website, or through Messenger. You must file your complaint as soon as possible after discovering the defect.

  25. Make sure to pack the product carefully and preferably in the original box and/or packaging since you are responsible for the condition of the product from the time of receipt to the time that we receive it back. Inadequate packaging may jeopardize our ability to receive the package and effectively handle your complaint.

  26. When we have received the product from you and have established that the complaint is valid and acceptable, we will replace the product in accordance with applicable legislation. This means we will either rectify the defect or send a new product. If neither of these options are possible we will instead reimburse you. Be aware that we have the right to deny a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current legislation.

  27. If there is something wrong with your product or if the order is delayed, we are liable for damages according to applicable mandatory consumer protection law, and to the extent you have made reasonable measures to limit your loss.

  28. We are not liable for damages regarding delays in the performance of the agreement or defective products caused by unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, e.g. war or natural disasters. You can however terminate the agreement according to applicable consumer protection law.

  29. You are welcome to contact our Customer Experience Team if you have any complaints or questions regarding your order. You can reach us easily using the chat function on the Website, at, or via, and we'll always do our very best to help resolve any troubles you might have.

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